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Social Media is Negatively Impacting Our Students.  Wayfinder Can Help

US Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy released a 19-page report explicitly calling out the harmful outcomes of prolonged exposure to social media. With concerns now confirmed, many are wondering how we can best support students to avoid the negative impacts of social media use while still acknowledging its potential benefits.

95% of youth ages 13–17 report using at least one social media platform for an average of 3.5 hours a day

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Free Resources for Curbing the Risk of Social Media 

We've pulled together high-impact resources from our social media content to help educators and leaders better address student social media and online habits. The downloadable includes:

  • Engaging, relevant lessons that provide a meaningful entry point into helping students make better choices online

  • Quick activities that can spark conversations and shifts in students' digital usage

  • Accompanying slide decks and workbook pages that make it easy to integrate into what you're already doing

  • Content for elementary, middle, and high school students

Download now to help your students avoid the negative fallout of social media use and take control of their digital lives!

The Unsuspecting Danger of Social Media

A growing body of research links the use of social media to detrimental changes to cognitive development and mental health, especially during the highly sensitive ages of 10-19.

Equipping Students to Navigate the Digital Landscape
Instead of focusing on external limits and punitive policies forced upon students, we should work with them to foster the skills needed to use technology thoughtfully rather than allowing technology to use them. The end goal: empowered digital citizens who are equipped with the knowledge and tools to navigate their digital lives with #DigitalDiscernment.
With the skill of digital discernment, students will be able to:

Find balance and discern how to use digital devices as tools

Make informed decisions on how to spend  time online

Leverage strategies to change unhelpful digital habits

Build genuine and healthy connections with others online

Navigate the digital world responsibly

Explore digital life together alongside trusted adults

Download the Social Media Resource Pack

Better understand social media risks as outlined by the 2023 Surgeon General report + get free K-12 activities and lessons to use in the classroom.

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