Funding + Grant Writing

Wayfinder can be purchased through several existing state and federal funding programs. Check out the pages below, or get in touch with a Wayfinder team member to learn more about the resources available to you.

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Funding + Grant Writing Resources

Funding + Grant Writing Toolkit

Informational Resources for Completing Your Funding + Grant Applications

Language for Funding Applications + Grant Proposals

Program Outlines, Research Excerpts + Additional Resources

Using Title I, Title II, Title IV + ESSER Funds for Wayfinder

Federal Funds for Purchasing Wayfinder

State-by-State Resources

State-Specific Information About Wayfinder Integration

Braiding Funds

Administrators often opt for multi-year contracts through a technique called “fund braiding.” Multi-year contracts enable partners to enjoy uninterrupted access to Wayfinder and sometimes also save costs. To pay for these contracts, administrators will “braid” multiple funding sources for one goal while maintaining separate tracking to comply with distinct procurement regulations. Schools and districts will often braid one-time and long-term funds to optimize their investments. 

The specific combination of funds can differ from district to district, but the example below demonstrates how various funding streams can be integrated to achieve a unified objective. This unified approach aligns the efforts of different district departments, enhancing the overall impact and preventing redundant work through coordinated action.


There are numerous regional and independent grants that can cover Wayfinder purchase costs. Check your state’s Department of Education website for more information and deadlines.


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